TEMA Static 3D

3D Measurement System

TEMA Static 3D

Static 3D is a powerful software tool capable of generating 3D models and measurement data from static objects and environments - using still photography and without the need for markers.

Points of interest can be manually selected in the images, or automatically identified using optional markers. The manual selection method allows the operator to retroactively derive measurement data, even if markers were not placed in the images to begin with.


  • Precise (<0,03 mm with the right preparations)
  • Portable and intuitive to use
  • Measurements can be made retroactively
  • The 3D measurements can be exported to:
    • DDXF (*.dxf file)
    • ASCII (*.trg file)
    • Microsoft Excel
    • CSV-files
    • TEMA Motion Analysis Software
    • CAD Software export

Download Datasheet