Photron PhotoCam Speeder V2

Standalone High-Speed Camera System with Long Record Time

Photron Speeder V2

The PhotoCam Speeder V2 is a portable, standalone high-speed camera system designed to allow production line workers to quickly identify and fix problems in automated manufacturing environments. It features one or two miniature camera heads tethered to a compact control unit. Camera control, along with video display and playback, is accomplished via the integrated 7-inch LCD touch screen, making the Speeder V2 a truly portable and standalone system that can be fully utilized without a computer or network infrastructure. And because the Speeder V2 is very easy to use, you do not have to be a professional photographer to effectively run the system.

The Speeder V2 provides up to 2,000 frames per second (fps) at full resolution, and faster frame rates at reduced resolutions. Excellent light sensitivity and very short exposure times deliver superb, blur free images in either color or monochrome video formats. High-speed video can be recorded directly to internal memory at the camera's maximum frame rate and resolution, or it can be streamed to an integrated solid state drive (SSD) for very long recording times at reduced frame rates and/or resolutions.

An operator can manually choose when to start and stop a Speeder V2 video recording using the touch screen or a simple thumb switch. Alternatively, the system can be automatically triggered with a TTL pulse or switch closure emitted as the result of an equipment failure or production line disruption. Immediately after the video is recorded, it can be played back in super slow motion to allow factory personnel to understand and then correct the problem or failure.


  • Up to 2,000 fps at 512 x 512
  • 10,000 fps at reduced resolution
  • Speed Priority Mode for high frame rate video capture to internal memory
  • Time Priority Mode for extended duration video capture to SSD
  • Up to Two miniature camera heads
  • Camera cables in 5m, 7m, and 10m lengths
  • System controlled via standard LCD Remote Touch Screen
  • Sensitivity: ISO 12232 Ssat Standard
    • ISO 3200 monochrome
    • ISO 1600 color
  • Compatibility with C-mount lenses
  • Speed Priority Mode: Direct to internal memory (4GB)
  • Time Priority Mode: Stream to SSD (256GB Standard, 512GB optional)

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