Fastec IL5

High-Speed Imaging in the palm of your hand

Fastec IL5

With four models from QSXGA (2560x2048) @ 253fps to SVGA (800x600) @1677fps, there is an IL5 that is right for your needs. All models use an advanced 5 Megapixel sensor that produces remarkably clean images at all resolutions. Binning and sub-sampling features of the sensor give it great flexibility and sensitivity.

Ultra-fast save times to the onboard media while recording high-speed bursts of hundreds or even thousands of images at a time, the IL5 is always ready for the next high-speed snapshot!

The IL5 can be controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC or Mac or via the built-in web interface with your favorite web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or even your smartphone.

The IL5 features both a USB port and an SD port for quick and easy image downloads to USB flash drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. The optional built-in SSD (solid state drive) provides up to 1TB of lightning-fast non-volatile internal storage.

FasMotion camera control, running on a PC or Mac makes workflow a breeze with image transfer rates of up to 90MB/sec, depending on image size, file type, and computer performance.

With recording speeds of over 200 frames per second at HD 1080p resolution and 1500 fps at VGA resolution to the built-in SSD, the Fastec IL5 lets you see what you have been missing with normal-speed video. Unlike traditional high-speed camera systems that only record for a few seconds and require careful triggering, the Fastec IL5 with LR option can record at high speed for many minutes at high resolutions, to many hours at reduced resolutions.

Operate the camera as you would a common camcorder! This intuitive Long Record feature allows you to record and pause as needed to follow the action, stop recording and review what you have, and then append additional footage at will, even after a power cycle. Choose between Record on Command (ROC), which records varying length clips, or Burst Record on Command (BROC), which records fixed-length clips. In Playback, all of the recordings are browsable on the timeline. You may play or scrub through them continuously or jump to the beginning of each, making it easy to find the footage you wish to view.


  • Up to 2560 x 2048
  • IL5-H models record full 1080p @ 634fps
  • Advanced 5-Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Multiple recording modes to suit any situation
  • Control via powerful FasMotion Software on PC or Mac or via built-in web interface
  • Long Record Option: Stream video directly to an SSD
  • 12-bit 5MP CMOS sensor
  • 5 micron pixels
  • 1600 to 12,800 ISO monochrome, 800 to 6400 ISO color (depending on mode)
  • 3 microsecond Global Electronic Shutter
  • Web Camera Control via Browser
  • HDMI output
  • Multiple removable image storage options
  • 4GB memory standard with optional upgrade to 8GB
  • C-Mount (standard), F-Mount or PL-Mount (optional)

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