Fastec HiSpec LTR3

Continuous High Speed Recording for Hours

Fastec HiSpec LTR3

The HiSpec LTR3 is ideally suited to high-speed process monitoring applications. With recording speeds up to 560 frames per second at full resolution and optional frame rates up to 35,000 frames per second, the HiSpec LTR3 lets you see what you have been missing with standard video. Unlike traditional high-speed camera systems, the HiSpec LTR3 can record continuously for many minutes or even hours.

Traditional high-speed cameras only capture very short durations - as little as a few seconds - before the camera memory must be downloaded or saved to a host PC. This process can take several minutes, during which the camera is not recording. This can lead to missed events. With the HiSpec LTR3, rapidly recurring events are never missed due to download delays. The HiSpec LTR3 can be set to capture countless short duration events with no downloading necessary.

The HiSpec LTR3 records three-megapixel images at over 500 frames per second, providing ultra-sharp detail.

The fully integrated design is ready to go - control the entire system from a Portable PC. The extremely small camera heads can fit into very tight spaces.

The HiSpec LTR3 offers completely customizable combinations of frame rate, resolutions and recording times to suit your application.


  • 1696 x 1710 at 560 fps
  • 1200 ASA monochrome, 1000 ASA color
  • 30-60 minute record times at maximum recording rates
  • C-mount (standard) F-mount (option)

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