Most all of the equipment we sell is available for rental. Customers will request rentals for either a one-month, one-week, or just a few days. Needs vary from a one-time project to trying a system before purchase to needing an extra camera for a dual set up shot.  Every level of capability is available, from basic hand held 1,000 fps cameras, to high performance systems capable of over 200,000 fps.

All of our rentals are set up as a Complete Integrated Turnkey System.  Systems typically include:

  • Camera Processor (Color or Mono), Camera Head & Cable, Remote Control Keypad
  • Software, User Manual & Quick Start Instruction Cards
  • Mounting Arms & Clamps
  • Light Kit(s) with Spare Bulbs
  • Trigger Kit
  • Camera Lens(es)
  • Tripod(s) or Stand(s)
  • Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

Based on availability, we can ship the equipment to arrive at your location by the next day. The cost for round trip shipping charges and insurance will be included in your rental quote and added to your invoice upon shipment of equipment.